The easiest way to Convert Data into Customers is a list friendly email marketing platform to Launch Products and Promote services.

Everything you need to send emails – Without having to signup!

List Friendly Email Marketing for B2B Businesses

Until now, there has never been an official service that lets you use purchased or self-built lists to send legitimate emails with.

Built with Artificial Intelligence

Reach more inboxes, reduce bounce rates and make setting up and sending email campaigns easy as pie.

Free from Monthly Fee's

Access to the tools that popular email services offer without monthly subscriptions or ongoing costs, heck you don’t even have to register to use our service!

Alternative to PPC

The average cost per click is getting higher with many industries reporting paying thousands of Dollars for hundreds of clicks. With Senteasily you can significantly reduce the cost of digital marketing.

GDPR Ready

GDPR has affected the way that millions of marketers operate. Senteasily is GDPR ready and includes all the necessary tools for you to send GDPR compliant emails to other businesses.

What can you do with Senteasily?

Launch New Ventures

Use Senteasily with Purchased B2B Data to let potential customers know you're open for business!

Generate Leads & Sales

Send Cold outreach emails to other Businesses in Bulk to generate leads and increase your Sales.​

Promote Stuff​

Promote products, services and events to other businesses using plain emails or creative templates

Is Your Marketing List Ready?

Go from a spreadsheet of B2B Contacts or Prospects to delivered emails in minutes

Before You Get Started...

Please use the checklist below to confirm you meet the minimum requirements for using Senteasily