Hello World! It’s nice to meet you 🙂

We launched Senteasily.com a few weeks before writing this post but nothing makes a new blog official like a “Hello world” greeting. So here it is, a simple, fair, PPC alternative to marketing – Introducing senteasily.com.

Oh Noo, Not another email marketing company!​

Fear not, Senteasily is not your average email marketing platform and whilst we love tools like MailchimpConstant Contact and SparkPost you should know we do not offer exactly the same services. Here’s why:

  1. You never signup to Senteasily. 
    There are no commitments, no subscriptions shoot we don”t even have a registration form.

  2. Senteasily.com was built to predominately serve B2B businesses with a cold outreach tool.
    That’s right- We accept purchased Lists!

  3.  We hate automation.
    That’s right, we said it! Automation paired with cold outreach is the reason why it’s become so hard for businesses to build meaningful relationships. Using emails with automation to follow up people you’ve never contacted before is a sucky way of doing things.

  4. We love recipients.
    Wondering why we avoid blacklists and have a high delivery rate despite sending so many emails? It’s because we offer permanent opt-outs for never receiving cold emails again. We’re building a list and making it available for everyone to use before sending emails.
Imagine all the people…
That you can reach with senteasily (Credit to John Lennon for help with the title). Fed up of paying thousands for hundreds of clicks? Well hello to you too! Senteasily was made to restore the balance so you end up paying hundreds (or less) for reaching thousands of prospects.