General Questions

Senteasily is built for B2B Businesses and professional marketers that need to send cold emails to other businesses OR broadcast messages to their existing customers. Unlike tools such as Mailchimp or Constant Contact we allow you to use purchased lists without being blocked or suspended (providing your emails are not spam and do not contain harmful or offensive content).

The laws surrounding B2B and B2C email marketing are very different. In order to send B2C Marketing emails your list must contain individuals who have explicitly opted in to hearing from you.

Cold email is a term used when emailing a list of prospects that you don’t already have an existing relationship with. Cold email is a powerful Lead Generation strategy. If practised correctly, cold email VS virtually any PPC service is the most cost efficient customer acquisition channel.

Yes, Senteasily is a paid email marketing service. We are competitively priced and our tool is extremely easy to use so if you need a service to get the job done without subscribing to monthly fees then our tool is the perfect match for you. See how much your email campaign will cost based on the volume of emails in your list:

Sending Emails

We use a number of industry leading methodologies to help email campaigns reach as many inboxes as possible. When sending cold emails open and click rates tend to be significantly lower than as if you were emailing people who have opted in or are existing customers.

in case you haven't guest it yet Senteasily is made to bulk emails. Read our article on how to send bulk emails here:

Whenever you send an email campaign with Senteasily you will be issued with a unique password protected link to view reports and export them.

Yes. It’s entirely your responsibility to ensure that emails are valid before importing them. You will be charged for every single email in your list so ensure you have purchased it from somewhere reputable. Our best advice would be to scrub your list with popular tools like or before importing them into Senteasily.

Sending emails of any kind to an extremely large list in one go has it’s downfalls when it comes to delivery success, their are no exclusions to this rule, even industry leading sending tools can struggle to get large lists delivered successfully. We recommend using contact lists that are up to 100,000 anything below this number can usually work optimally across our pool of mail servers.

Do's and Don'ts

  • Sending emails to other B2B Businesses offering your products or services
  • Sending emails to other B2B Businesses using lists from reputable data vendors
  • Sending emails to anyone who has opted in to your marketing lists

It is strictly forbidden to use Senteasily in order to distribute any form of Spam, malicious content including but not limited to Adult content, nudity and any other forms of explicit or harmful content or content that may be deemed offensive. It’s also against our usage policy to send any emails to consumers (B2C) that have not explicitly opted-in to receiving emails from you. 

We use a number of factors to improve email delivery and use a series of preventative mechanisms to reduce actual bounces and complaints. To get the best results use a list scrubber like or to clean your list of any emails that are likely to bounce Bounce rates above 4% can damage your email delivery and impact the quality of our service, we work hard to maintain our sender reputation however we expect users to take their own precautions before sending campaigns.

Technical Support

Sometimes our Artificial Intelligence modules may deem a list to risky to send, this can be for a multitude of reasons. If your campaign fails, doesn’t send or you have another problem our systems will automatically detect this and refund you within 72 hours if it doesn’t automatically retry.

Senteasily automatically optimizes email delivery using a number of techniques some of which may involve “throttling”. Throttling slows down the rate of sending and in turn helps to stop your message appearing as spam in your recipients inboxes.

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Before You Get Started...

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