How do you send bulk emails?

The simple and brutally honest guide to sending emails in bulk online.

Sending bulk emails to contacts that have opted-in or subscribed to your updates is easy, there are awesome tools such as Mailchimp and Constant Contact (amongst many others) that make this entire process a cinch.

You might be asking yourself if sending emails in bulk is so easy whats the point of this article? You are infact correct, sending bulk emails is easy but only to those who have opted in or subscribed to your list. You see, almost every  email sending service (including our friends above) does not support using bulk email for the purpose of attracting new customers or website visitors —kinda sucks since email is still one of the most powerful customer acquisition methods available (if practised correctly). A lot of work goes into building email server reputation so much so that behind the scenes of every email provider is a lot of background checks to ensure your lists meet their strict sending criteria and if they don’t, your account is almost always suspended. 

So, wanna know how to send bulk emails online and not get blocked, suspended or banned? You’ve come to the right place but remember with great power comes great responsibility so use this article to grow your business with ethical email marketing and not spamming the heck out of every email address you ever laid eyes on. Also, another caveat – This article will tell you how to send emails in bulk for B2B marketing and not for B2C.


Step 1: Navigate to
Step 2: Click the option in the menu that say’s “Start Now”.
Step 3: Import your list, Senteasily takes care of all the complicated stuff like mapping the fields of your import.
Step 4: Choose from a regular email editor OR the Drag and Drop editor.
Step 5: Compose your message.
Step 6: Schedule & Send.
Step 7: Save your password protected report page.

Friendly Advice

When you’re doing a blanket email to a rented or purchased list to generate new sales or build new business contacts it’s important that you make your message feel personal so that it connects to the recipient and can be something they can relate to. Merge tags are a great way to make a message personal and Senteasily will seamlessly support inserting them into your email (just ensure your import of contacts contains additional information like the company name, the first name and anything else that can be used as an insert into your message).

If you are unsure about how to write emails that attract new business clients check out marketing guru Neil Patel’s blog post: 11 Types of Marketing Emails That Actually Generate a Response​

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