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“Email Marketing isn't going away”

Reach new limits with effective data-marketing. Senteasily takes minutes to send personalised messages to your marketing list.
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It's as easy as 

1. Import Your List

Import your CSV or Excel file and We'll magically map your columns and fields.

2. Compose Email Message

Create your email message and use the merge tags to give it a personal touch.

3. Schedule and Send

Pick when you want your message to be sent. We'll send you a link to view reports.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Senteasily allows businesses to send cold emails to other businesses provided the messages demonstrate the intention of forming a business relationship.

Senteasily is built primarily as a B2B email marketing solution. It’s courageously designed as a reliable email service that lets businesses use purchased lists to market to other businesses.

You may use Senteasily to send B2C marketing emails provided that the consumers you email have explicitly opted in to receiving communications from you.

We’re a young startup that have successfully delivered more than 2 million emails in less than a year. We do this with enterprise technology and AI. In short, we’re pretty reliable.

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