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With growing partnerships in a multitude of sectors from technology, data and marketing Senteasily have learnt that somethings are better when we’re together. We absolutely love the companies and people we work with whether they’re affiliates, partners, regular or business customers. See how you can work with us below.
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Exclusive Discounts For Your Customers

By becoming a Senteasily partner you’ll get exclusive access to an account manager, exclusive discounts that you can extend to your customers and promotional support of your business to our audience and subscribers.

The Best Online Affiliate Scheme

Senteasily has excellent conversion rates, it’s a fantastic niche for affiliates and a service that is in high demand. Earn up to 70% commission on converting traffic and get paid at your preferred interval.

White Label

A particularly powerful tool for Data and Marketing companies that want to offer email marketing to their clients without the hassle of building apps and maintaining mail servers. Choose from a range of options including a dedicated hosted platform or a sub-domain with all options including branding and total ownership of revenue.

Before You Get Started...

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